Brighton Road Movie: First Run
Year of release: 2010
Original format: 16mm
Running time: 3 minutes
Screening format: digital
Credits: A film by Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
Production: Sundog Media
Supported by a research award from MADr: the Centre for Media, Art and Design Research at University of Plymouth
Distribution and sales: Sundog Media


Production notes

Publication and comments


Hand Eye Visions: the Films of Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore Cine-City, the Brighton film festival; Lighthouse, Brighton, UK. We presented a programme of 17 direct animation films, made over the last 20 years, for the third and final Hand Eye Visions event, curated by Ian Helliwell. The programme included a premiere of the first film to be made from the footage, which we called Brighton Road Movie: First Run (27 November 2010)